Professor Saul Midian – one of humanity’s most celebrated scientists – is bankrupt and shamed in front of the entire solar system. But his disgrace was all a ruse. His discovery of element 115 on Pluto – a substance with the ability to warp space and time – is far too valuable to share with humanity.

That is why Tyauna Riddigan – Callistan Princess and bastard daughter of the most powerful man in the solar system – has manipulated the media and forced Professor Midian to accompany her team of mercenaries to Pluto so she can secure the discovery for herself.

But she is not the only one who wants the prize. One of her mercenaries is not what he seems. A master of infiltration has joined the expedition and he will do anything to obtain the truth.

None of them will be prepared for what they find.

Pluto holds a powerful secret and the truth may destroy them all.

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