Book 1 of 2


The End of Days approaches.

Miana Raiken and Kurt Jones know this because they saw it in a psychic vision, deep within an underwater cave system. Mars was once teeming with life; watched over by a powerful alien species; now all but destroyed by a cosmic event that occurred aeons ago. If the visions are true, it will happen again. Soon.

Isaac Taylor knows none of this. He doesn’t recognise this world and wants nothing to do with the strange religious cult who kidnapped him in the Valles Dome. All he wants is to return to his twin brother, Jason, and with the help of Loc Breeden and Cosmotech Defence, he may have finally found a way.

But there’s another obstacle he’s unaware of. Anya Polovski, the psychiatrist who helped him travel halfway across the planet, is out of her mind. Her multiple personality disorder has been shattered by the same man who kidnapped Isaac and now her most violent personality is in control.

Time is running out and, one way or another, the end will come for all of them.

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