Garen Maertikye – the most dangerous man in the solar system – has been captured. Locked in a tiny cell that stinks of corrosive chemicals. But despite the seriousness of his situation, Garen’s calm, calculating mind has only one question…

Why am I still alive?

In a time when overpopulation has pushed human colonisation beyond the asteroid belt, Garen is the perfect terrorist. Emotionless, impervious to pain, and expert in the deadliest technologies.

But Garen does not fight for any human ideal. He fights for heavangels, a race of alien beings indigenous to the planet Jupiter. He must stop these beautiful creatures from being killed by energy sumps – enormous machine cities that roam Jupiter’s violent atmosphere, extracting hydrogen for hundreds of orbiting human colonies.

Unfortunately for Garen, heavangels can only be seen with the aid of a dangerous, hallucinatory drug called Lyquis. It is why the ruling Coalition refuse to listen, why they refuse to believe, and why Garen is left with no alternative but violence, sabotage, and murder.

And yet now that they finally have him, they hesitate to remove one of the greatest threats they have ever known.

And Garen wants to know why.

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