What is the System Series?

Great question! The System Series is an ever-growing set of stand alone novels based on the planets in our Solar System. Each planet has its own story (some spanning multiple books) and is written in its own universe with new characters, new technologies, and all new visions of humanity’s possible future.

‘Jupiter – Illusions of Faith’ is the first novel written in this series, a bleak vision of the future where corporations own everything you need to survive and expect more than you think. Body augmentation is the norm and energy is siphoned directly from Jupiter’s atmosphere, but the balance of power is about to be threatened by a reality many refuse to accept.

‘Pluto – Secrets Within’ is the second novel in the series (yes, in this universe at least, Pluto is a planet), a more optimistic vision set further into the future where first contact is about to have serious consequences for the solar system.

‘Mars – Twin Prophecies’ and ‘Mars – End of Days’  are the latest additions and the first story to span multiple books. In this story, time is much closer to our own with humanity having established several colony cities on Mars. But the past may not be as immutable as we think and there are forces conspiring to change the fate of all humanity.

The next in the series is ‘Earth – Singularity’, a drastic reimagining of our civilisation following the inevitable point in time when our technology become smarter than we are and takes over its own evolution.

The rest have yet to be written, but I have big plans for all of them. Very big plans.

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All the best,

Kynan Waterford